I Love My Hair

Author: Natasha Tarpley Illustrator: E. B. Lewis Every night before she goes to bed, Kenyana sits down between her mother’s knees to have her hair combed. But no matter how gently Mama pulls, it sometimes still hurts! Keyana doesn’t still hurts! Keyana doesn’t feel lucky to have such a head of hair, but Mama says she is…

Connect Four Fun

We had such a good time playing with this jumbo Connect Four. Have you ever played the JUMBO version of this game?

Discover Prompts, Day 6: Hands

Our mom thought it would be good for us to play along with this months Discover prompts on WordPress. Topic: Hands She is so cuckoo for us 😍 that she had our hands photographed at the hospital when we were born.

Meet Kayla❣

I’m so glad I was able to adopt her before we started “shelter in place”. Its nice having a new buddy to hang out with while being home all day.

Perfect Day for us to Read to you

I’m A Pretty Little Black Girl by Betty K. Bynum I hope you enjoyed the book! Please like, subscribe and comment on our Website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.